Raji Susan Mathew

PhD Scholar

  • Contact Details :
    • Email Address : rajisusan.res15@iiitmk.ac.in
    • Phone no. (M): +91-9497332708

  • Research Focus : Parallel MRI Reconstruction.

Development of GRAPPA based image reconstruction for non-ideal imaging conditions.

Parallel MRI algorithms use spatial information inherent in an array of multiple receiver coils to either recover missing data in k-space or remove aliasing artifacts in the image domain. When the coil sensitivities are known accurately sensitivity encoding (SENSE) is performed. But practically, it is difficult to obtain the sensitivities and the generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisition (GRAPPA) is used as an alternative. GRAPPA is a coil by coil parallel image reconstruction technique which estimates missing data in k-space based on additionally acquired calibration data. Due to the non- ideal conditions that arises in GRAPPA, the calibration matrix becomes highly ill-conditioned.

I work on MR Image Reconstruction for development of GRAPPA method under non-ideal conditions. In this analysis GRAPPA is treated as an inverse problem and the differences and similarities of the same with a normal inverse problem is carried out. My area of interests are Inverse Problems, Array Signal Processing and Image Reconstruction.

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