Ongoing Development Projects

  • Kerala State Cloud cum Teleradiology Network(KSCCTN)- RadBridge
  • RadBridge is a Kerala State Cloud cum Teleradiology Network(KSCCTN) project which is a web based software solution to establish a Tele-radiology network to bridge the gap between rural hospitals without on-site radiologic support and diagnosis centre.This is a web based software solution that can be integrated with Hospital Information System/Radiology Information System being used in hospitals and makes radiologic consultation available from remote sites RadBridge is a platform independent system that can be used to transfer images and reports between hospitals without on-site radiology support and diagnosis centre. RadBridge allows more timely interpretation of radiologic images giving greater access to secondary consultations from a far location. The system focuses to address the gaps and needs of Healthcare IT particular in radiology.

    Software Used
    • DCM4CHEE
    • Java
    • Postgresql
    • JBoss Application Server