Divya Susan Jacob

MScIT Student

  • Contact Details :
    • Email Address : divya.mscit3@iiitmk.ac.in
    • Phone no. (M): +91-8129940268

  • Research Focus : Regularization of DTI tensor data.

  • Publications (Under review):
    • Souparnika N. K., D. S. Jacob, J. J. Mathew, J. S. Paul, “A region growing approach using a connected tree path search algorithm”, submitted to National Conference on Pattern Analysis and Applied Intelligence, 2013.

    • J. J. Mathew, Souparnika N. K., D. S. Jacob, J. S. Paul, C. Kesavadas, “MR Image Enhancement using a Weighted Local Means Filter with Decoupled Effect of Smoothing and High Frequency Noise Rejection”, submitted to Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, 2013.

  • Responsibilities :
    • Association with fellow research students for development of Matlab based programs.

    • Quantitative analysis of DTI derived maps.

    • Provide assistance for technical documentation.

    • Perform review of technical papers related to my work.