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  • RadBridge

    Kerala State Cloud cum Teleradiology Network (KSCCTN) project

    Most of the Hospitals in Kerala use Picture Archiving and Communication Systems for transmission and communication of radiology information within the hospital network. These systems are incapable of transmitting information to a remote radiologist or an expert. Though they may have telemedicine application, they rarely use it due to major limitations of high investment for transmitters at every point of communication, interferences and archival of data. Moreover many hospitals today do not possess radiology imaging facility within the premises. They heavily depend on printed radiology images from a diagnosis center. It is difficult for a physician to seek a second opinion from other experts in other hospitals.

    As a solution to the above problems, RadBridge, a Kerala State Cloud cum Teleradiology Network (KSCCTN) project is developed utilizing the large coverage of Internet for faster and efficient patient care including remote areas. This is a platform independent web based system allowing more timely interpretation of radiology images giving greater access to secondary consultations from a far location.One of the main focuses of this project is on patient at a remote site to receive the most appropriate diagnosis utilizing primary and secondary levels of expertise.