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Tony Alex M.Sc.(CS) Data Analytics

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  • Research Focus : Filtering scheme to computationally enhance diffusion sensitivity

Diffusion Weighted MRI is an MRI sequence in which diffusion property of water molecules in tissues are used for imaging purpose, rather than using proton density. DTI is an extended form of DWI which focuses on fiber tracking and anisotropy. By increasing the gradient directions, we can obtain better images. DTI finds its application in the detection of stroke, Alzheimer’s, tumors etc.

A key concern in respect of the current processing requirements in DTI is physical limitations in increasing diffusion sensitivity (b-value) which includes hardware limitations, vibration artifacts, patient discomfort etc. In this project we are proposing a Filtering scheme to enhance the DWI by computationally enhancing diffusion sensitivity and clustering approach in machine learning to find the diffusion restriction areas. This (higher apparent b-value) helps in the better visualization of diffusion restriction areas from an image acquired at low b values.